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special finishes, custom artworks, residential & commercial space consultation

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Lisa Kurtz Studio is an innovative and forward thinking special finishes and custom artwork company.

To create an extraordinary experience of a space requires a rare combination of artistic insight and the capacity to implement ideas in the real-world. We bring artistically inspired visual solutions to your space challenges.

The experience of a space is about more than just the objects inside. Whether residential or commercial, traditional or contemporary, Lisa Kurtz Studio considers what makes each space unique. We then envision how to amplify the existing elements or rework a space to become a whole new experience.

The Studio’s Principal, Lisa Kurtz, draws on over 20 years international work in special finishes and space consultation.

Creative associate Wayne Dunkley brings over 20 years experience as a contemporary fine art photographer and international New Media artist. He has served as creative and interactive design consultant on interactive home projects in the US and Canada.

Lisa Kurtz Studio can take your project ideas and expand them in ways you never imagined possible.


contact@lisakurtz.com            416-473-6221

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